Both a memoir, and a novel-within-the-novel — penned by the author’s father J. Robert “Bob” Sellers — this Work details the strangely hereditary issue of a father and daughter, each working diligently throughout their lives as writers, whilst remaining mostly unknown and unpublished.

As excerpts from Bob’s untitled, unfinished novel peter out, the Work segues into auto-biography — the history of the author’s early writing aspirations, details of her unpublished novels, with biographical fictions-within-the-memoir predominating.

An original and peculiar study of a father-daughter/son relationship, this Work was inspired upon the death of Bob in 2005, and the author’s coming into possession of his papers, extensive library, and his untitled, unfinished, unpublished novel.

Bob, as with many of his generation, worshipped the ideal of the Great American Novelist, being an acolyte of both Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald. He inspired his daughter from an early age to authorship. How that worked out for both of them, and the attendant ‘Curse of the Subject Matter’ is written up in an array of biography, Bob’s auto-biographic fiction, Terence’s auto-biography, and her auto-biographic fiction.

Update December 7, 2015:

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…probable placement in Part Six, “The Curse of New York”

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an excerpt from Part Two, Chapter 20:
The Novel: Bob the Teenage Drinker and
the Great Poetical Unemployable — Second Cousin Dan


From Part One
Chapter One: The Author As Boy Crying
… and Updated November 11, 2015:
Chapter Two: The Curse of the Subject Matter

Chapter Twelve: Bob’s Hemingway
Chapter Thirteen: Bob’s Novel: Whereby Vivian McCandless Is Not Lily White
Chapter Sixteen: Bob’s Novel: Bob Writes Up His Daughters

From Part Two
Chapter Seventeen: Bob’s Novel: Breck and Vee To Bed
Chapter Eighteen: Bob’s Novel: Breck’s Parentage & Childhood

From Part Three
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Bob’s Novel: A Carraway Card Game
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Violated By Parties

From Part Four
Chapter Thirty-One: The Rejection Letters
Chapter Thirty-Five: Books By Bob

More excerpts will be posted throughout 2016
as we anticipate continuing work on “Unpublished Novel” throughout that year.


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