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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can I Acquire a Copy of “The Correct Sadist?”

“The Correct Sadist” continues to be this Author’s most popular book. First published in 1982 in both German and English, it last saw print in English in the 1990s, in an inexpensive trade edition put out by Blue Moon Books. This edition is probably the worst of all the editions – ridiculous cover art, cheap paper, small format. One of the best is the UK edition, by Temple Press (1992). All imprints are now only available through rare booksellers.

2. In re Writing Reviews, Introductions, Forewords, Afterwords, or Blurbs

Please send the text to be reviewed, introduced, fore or after-worded, or blurbed along with your inquiry.

3. In re Author Interviews

Please send your inquiry via email: the topic(s) to be discussed, along with sample questions (or all the questions), and of course the context. We are not doing telephone interviews.

4. In re Research, Quotes, or Anecdotes for Print Articles, Film or Television

The Author’s experience runs from the 1970s through the early 2000s, therefore she has no personal experience regarding what forms sadomasochistic behavior took, on any intimate, anecdotal, or social level — e.g., during the 1960s “MAD MEN” era (a recent source of inquiry.)

We’d have to surmise that many of the elements of what is now modernly termed “BDSM” have not changed too radically since they first began to appear in early psychoanalytic texts; exemplified in greatest detail in Krafft-Ebing’s case histories of Austrian patients, circa 1910, as well as in the works of Wilhelm Stekel.

More modern variants on BDSM took off both during, and after the Nazis infused the parapathy with a whole new leather wardrobe and psychotic vocabulary. Thereupon military uniforms, the prevalence of black, incarceration fantasies, as well as ideals of Female (or Male) Supremacy as a dominating zeitgeist have persisted as a stimulant in our population’s subconscious.

The Author is interested in research and development in most every field relating to abnormal psychology and criminology outside of her anecdotal experience; for film, television, and print. She is available for short-term work, or extensive projects.

5. Queries Concerning Your Personal Sadomasochistic Nature, Tendencies; your Significant Other’s Proclivities, and How to Manage It All.

The Author is not a sex-therapist per se. She will not be able to answer such inquiries.

6. Do You Remember Me?

The Author is usually pleased to reconnect and reacquaint with former associates.
Please provide detailed information concerning your name(s) and the special talents
and interests by which she may recollect you. There is still extant a small ‘encyclopedia’ of associates who were active from 1995-2005, which We may refer to. But even if your association pre-dated 1995, it is possible you may exist in her elephantine memory.

“Madame Angel Stern” and “Sterling LeVay” are neither engaging with any new applicants.