Dear Readers:

PART ONE of One Decadent Life is drawing to its close.
There will be three (or four) more chapters, until its end.

At that point this Author will take a break to recoup
energies, and to put her Work, “Marie 1973” up on Kindle.

Some of that Work will be kept on this site, but to read
it in its entireity, you’ll have to buy it for your ‘device.’
We don’t exactly approve, but “Paper Is Over.”
Whattayagonna do? as that other “TS” would say. *

Marie Stanley on Amazon for
Kindle and other devices.

To anticipate: As Part Two of “One Decadent Life’ opens,
our heroes and heroines will be
each focused outside of New York City,
for their different ends and purposes.

Yet by Part Three, all actors and action will return to Manhattan.

Manhattan’s a city made up of people from elsewhere…
a kind of ultimate tourist town, where the tourists end
up staying on and turning it into their own.

But then again people leave New York all the time,
unable to put up with the
stresses and strains of ambition, achievement, finances…
It’s not exactly a human town.
Super-human, perhaps, and
challenging one to be likewise.

New York City, for those who lived
through it in the late twentieth century, has become a myth.
Its soul then, and our souls, as we lived and worked and
knew our power, interpenetrated, inextricably.

But Manhattan… She could care less.
In that She is very like a mountain, or a river.
She could give a pin if any particular individual
is there, or not.
In that, She’s a force of nature;
a force that destroys
even those who love Her best. Because She Don’t Care.

They used to say Manhattan and Heroin were synonymous;
it doesn’t seem to be so now — but then again,
I don’t live there anymore.

And in 1985, David told his friend Angelique:
the antidote for Manhattan is Heroin.

Terence Sellers
August 2014
in the outback of northern New Mexico

* The other TS: Tony Soprano


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