Feb. 4, 2015: To My Readers

Dear Readers:
We are going to be leaving Angelique and David stranded
on the Fire Mesa for a little while. This Author is embarking on
a project long dear to her intellect: a new edition of Boris
Lurie’s “House of Anita,” which she first worked on in 2010.

We’ll be concentrating whole-heartedly on writing, editorial, research
and development, et cetera through May.

Will try to put up one more chapter before I
start *officially* next week. It seems appropriate that
the Two Decadents of One Decadent Life should be somewhat
forgotten, as they sit up there, far out of Manhattan.

If only they could have actually
stayed on Fire Mesa for three months!
Because it takes time — more time than they have —
for a visionary ideal to come to fruition.

Thank you for reading —

Madame Terence
from the Mesa Marquesa
February 4, 2015


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